Letter from Morris Habitat CEO Blair Schleicher Wilson

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Dear Friends,


I’m reminded every day how blessed I am and why we do the work we do. Our homeowner partners are often those whose jobs take them out into the community, mostly front-line workers in retail, hospitals, grocery stores, doctors’ offices and delivery folks. These are the people who make up the fabric of our community. 


Yet where do they live? Often in overcrowded apartments or homes with multiple generations. Or they are paying nearly 50% of their income on rent. These are not new statements from me. We have seen how the pandemic has not only lifted the veil on the housing crisis, it’s made it worse.


I ask you to take action. There are three simple things we can all do:


  • Support organizations like Morris Habitat that are building and repairing homes for people in need of affordable shelter. We are making a difference.
  • Vote. Vote for the candidate or candidates who understand that housing is fundamental to all we do in life. It’s the shelter against storms and pandemics and leads to a better quality of life.
  • Complete your census form. Your response will help determine New Jersey’s congressional representation and the allocation of millions of dollars in federal funding to build roads, fix schools, and enhance public services. Visit mycensus2020.gov to fill out the 2020 Census by the Sept. 30 deadline.


To read Blair’s full letter, please click here.  


In Partnership,



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