Baldwin Mortise Lock - Knob 2 1/2" Backset 6310.190 R

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Baldwin Mortise Lock - Knob 2 1/2" Backset 6310.190 R

For Knob x Knob or Lever x Lever
Mortise Lock comes with (6340) ASA Strike as standard.
Latch bolt by knob either side. Deadbolt by key outside and turn piece inside.

1 in. throw Deadbolt with saw-proof inserts is standard equipment. Not available for 2 in. or smaller backsets.
When extended, Deadbolt deadlocks latch bolt.
FSE: ANSI Series: 1000-F21
NOTE: For single and double cylinder applications.

2-1/2 in. backset comes with 1-1/4 in front. Non-standard 1 in. fronts are available upon request for an additional upcharge.
NOTE: Baldwin recommends the usage of 2-3/4 in. backset locks for doors thicker than 2 in. or doors 8ft or taller.
WARNING: DO NOT USE Lever Strength mortise locks with knobs. They only turn one way and have a stiff turning action suitable for levers.
Mortise Locks are NOT available in Distressed finishes. Non-distressed equivalents 402=102, 452=152.
Specify finish when ordering.

*This item has some scratches*