Simpson 260 Series 7P - Volt - OHM - Millameter

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Simpson 260 Series 7P - Volt - OHM - Millameter

Has obvious signs of wear and tear due to age and use. 

There are two portions of this item with words etched in. 

Was not tested. Sold as is. 

The front on the Simpson 260 Series 7P changes from the Series 6, by the addition of a "off / transit"

position on the AC/DC switch. The output jack is also marked as 350 VDC Max.

New for the Simpson 260-7P is the size of the meter cover.

While the glass is the same size as always the cover is now 5 ⅛ " x 3 ¾ " instead of 5 ⅛ " x 4 ⅛ ".

The 260 Series 7P has the three Amp-Clamp scales.

Controls include: Ohms zero adjustment, Off - AC - DC Voltage selector switch,

and a 12 position Function / Range selector switch.

The eight recessed probe jacks are now the "Reverse-Banana" type for safety.

The white overload reset button is just to the left of the Simpson logo.

Starting with the 260 Series 7 and the 270 Series 5, the 1000 Volts to Ground rating is engraved

in or printed on to the face, just below the model number.


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