Valli & Valli Satin Nickel Handle Model H1003 RP PCY 15

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Valli & Valli Satin Nickel Handle Model H1003 RP PCY 15

Nearly eighty years ago, Pasquale Valli secured a position at an umbrella factory in Veduggio, Italy, managing the department that oversaw the design and production of handles. While umbrellas of the time looked exactly the same - somber, dark and gloomy - the treatment reserved for the handle itself was wildly different. In Valli’s design department, fancy took flight. The handle articulated the true personality of the umbrella and it was this piece that captured a buyer’s attention. The importance of touch and the contact between a consumer and an innovatively designed object was an experience that Pasquale Valli valued immeasurably. 

Product Characteristics
The package includes:
- Pair of handles
- Pair of key vents
- Return soft torque
- 8X110 square iron
- Screws and mounting accessories

Product Description
Valli & Valli internal door handle "Croco" series (H1003), mounted on round rosette diameter 45.

Design: Matteo Thun

Material: Brass

Comes equipped with instructional manual